Commercial & Residential Plumbing Services 

Sometimes you come across something that might be slight inconvenience,  but it seems much easier to tolerate it than try and make things better.  But when it comes to your home’s plumbing, a small inconvenience can be a sign of deeper trouble.

Maybe you have no hot water, or the water pressure in your shower is less like a shower and more like a slow dribble. There may be noises coming from your faucet that weren’t there before, or a growing stain on the walls or ceilings. These are all signs of leaks and damage within your system, and if left unchecked it’ll only get worse…  And very costly

We Offer at C.W. Cummings Plumbing

Plumbing Installation and Replacement


Water Heaters (Gas, Electric, Tankless)
Garbage Disposals
General Maintenance
Gas Test & Installations
Specialty Installations

basement crawl space pipes

Commercial & Residential
Inspection Service
Sewer Cleaning Service
Backflow Prevention Installation, Service, Inspection
Sub-surface Storm Drain
Submersible Pumps
Most Specialty Equipment Related to plumbing (sewer treatment plants excluded)
Commercial Installations